We need your help

To our loyal listeners,


     First of all, thank you for being a regular part of our family. It is very gratifying to interact with you on the telephone, through email, through social networking, and when we are out on location at a remote or event. Thank you for your kind comments and also for being passionate about YOUR radio station.


     Being the small independent station in a land of giants, we often find ourselves in a competitive disadvantage when it comes to giving our advertisers or potential advertisers a snapshot of our listening audience. Sure, the industry gives great details as to what the 'typical' AAA/Americana mix station audience should look like, but we believe that no two AAA format stations are the same. That simply means that the audience here in Knoxville is not the same as the audience in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston or even Nashville.


     The ratings companies are suppose to define listening audiences in any given market, but, if you are unable to subscribe, that data is unobtainable and unusable if you happen to stumble upon it.


     Over the past few years, we've been told that our audience was too young, too old, too this, too that and about a hundred other "too" comments. We believe that our audience is PASSIONATE and PERFECT for any advertiser that is on our station. We believe that our audience loves the variety of music and specialty programming that is offered and will support the advertisers who support the station.


     We need your help to paint the picture of who you are. The survey below will help us do that. We are not registering your name. We are not associating a phone number or an email with this. We are asking for very limited demographic data so that we can more accurately depict our listening audience, which in turn, should assist us continue building the advertising support to maintain our independence.


     If you are a listener and you have a business, you already know the types of listeners we have. They are just like you. If you are interested in promoting your business on i105, feel free to contact Alex - 218-5620, Kevin - 218-5613, or Tony - 218-5602. We offer affordable solutions and would love the opportunity to help you.


Thank you,


Tony, Joe, Candle, Cullen, Alex, Kevin and Gerry